Expat Cinema: Aurora's Sunrise (English subtitles)

Wednesday 10th of May 2023 (one-off screening)

Movie lover but trouble understanding Dutch subtitles? Join Lumen’s EXPAT CINEMA screenings. Every Wednesday we screen the best foreign language movies with English subtitles. Our café is the perfect place to hook up for a good coffee or special beer before and after the film.

Aurora Mardigianian is just fourteen years old when most of her family are murdered during the Armenian genocide, and she is sold into slavery. After finally managing to escape, she flees to the United States, where she soon comes to the attention of Hollywood.

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar Geweld Discriminatie Grof taalgebruik

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In 1919, Aurora Mardiganian played herself in the silent film Auction of Souls: the story of a teenage girl who survives the Armenian genocide and escapes to America.

In her animated documentary, Inna Sahakyan reconstructs this hellish, forgotten, exceptional odyssey.