Expat Cinema: Coup de chance (+English subtitles)

Movie lover but trouble understanding Dutch subtitles? Join Lumen’s EXPAT CINEMA screenings. Every Wednesday we screen the best foreign language movies with English subtitles. Our café is the perfect place to hook up for a good coffee or special beer before and after the film.  

The new Woody Allen! Coup de chance is about the significant influence that chance and luck have on our lives. 

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 9 jaar Angst

Koop nu een kaartje

Fanny (Lou de Laâge) and Jean (Melvil Poupaud) seem like the ideal couple: they are successful in their work, live in an apartment in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris, and seem to be in love as on the first day. But when Fanny coincidentally encounters her former high school friend Alain (Niels Schneider), her world turns upside down. They meet again quickly, and their relationship becomes more and more intimate