Expat Cinema: Metronom (last chance)

Wednesday 24th of May 2023

Movie lover but trouble understanding Dutch subtitles? Join Lumen’s EXPAT CINEMA screenings. Every Wednesday we screen the best foreign language movies with English subtitles. Our café is the perfect place to hook up for a good coffee or special beer before and after the film.

Alexandru Belc’s unflinching look at teen life under the iron fist of dictatorship in 1970s Romania won him the Un Certain Regard Best Director prize at Cannes.

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar Geweld

Koop nu een kaartje

Romania, the autumn of the year 1972. Ana, a 17 year-old teenager, finds out that her boyfriend will flee the country for good in a few days. The two lovers decide to spend their last days together.