Expat Cinema: Sisi & Ich (English subtitles)

Screening on Wednesday 12 July at 21.30 PM

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Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar Angst Grof taalgebruik

Koop nu een kaartje

This wild reinterpretation of the “Sisi” myth is a transportive tale of the rich and powerful in the late 19th Century.

The Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary, known as Sisi, is living in an aristocratic women-only commune at her summer residence in Corfu, Greece. When Countess Irma von Sztáray (Sandra Hüller, Toni Erdmann, The Zone of Interest) is sent to the commune to be Sisi’s new lady-in-waiting and companion, she is immediately fascinated by the eccentric and extravagant recluse. But no matter how much Irma and Sisi resist, the outside world is reaching out to break the untamed Empress. At the end of summer and upon their return to Vienna, their lives will change dramatically, and the two women will be bound together forever.

Based on the historical writings of Irma, director Frauke Finsterwalder delivers a captivating historical drama with a new perspective on the iconic Empress, that of her lady-in-waiting.