Expat Cinema: Sweet Dreams (+ English subtitles)

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Big winner of the Dutch Golden Calves: six in total.  Sweet dreams is a satirical drama about disintegrating family ties during the demise of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. Dutch submission for the Oscars.  

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 14 jaar Drugs- en/of alcoholmisbruik Grof taalgebruik

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On a remote Indonesian island in the late days of colonialism, sugar manufacturer Jan suddenly dies right in front of his wife Agathe. Their estranged son Cornelis and his pregnant wife Josefien come over from Holland to take over the sugar company. Upsettingly for everyone, Jan’s concubine Siti appears to be one of his heirs. In the midst of a workers’ uprising, a chase commences. It’s a struggle from which no one will emerge unscathed.