Expat Cinema: Unruly (+ English subtitles/Scandinavian Summer)

wednesday 30 august 2023

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Denmark, 1930s. The young Maren looks unmannered to the government of Denmark and is sent to a women’s institution on the island Sprogø to adapt. The stay has the opposite effect.

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar Angst Seks Grof taalgebruik

Koop nu een kaartje

The movie is inspired by actual events. Raymann takes us to Copenhagen in 1933. The seventeen year old Maren loves to go dancing and hook up with a random cute boy. She misses several days of work and the state intervenes, deciding that she has to be taken away from her single mother and be placed in the Child Welfare Service. After that she is transported to Sprogø Women’s Institution, an island facility for ‘troubled women’ with very little hope to be released.

Maren thinks that there is nothing wrong with her, but the principal and psychiatrist will stop at nothing to break her spirit. There is hardly any physical abuse, but the mental torment (bodyshaming, forcing to be silent and compliant) never stops. Marens great crime was wanting to enjoy life and Unruly shows the price she paid.