Expat Cinema: Zomervacht (+English subtitles)

Wednesday 25th of October 2023 (one-off screening)

Movie lover but trouble understanding Dutch subtitles? Join Lumen’s EXPAT CINEMA screenings. Every Wednesday we screen the best foreign language movies with English subtitles. Our café is the perfect place to hook up for a good coffee or special beer before and after the film.  

During a sweltering summer vacation, Brian finds himself tasked with the care of his severely intellectually disabled brother, Lucien. But how do you care for someone when you don’t know what they need? How do you make the right choices when you still have so much to discover? Based on the bestseller Zomervacht by Jaap Robben.  

Mogelijk schadelijk tot 9 jaar Angst Grof taalgebruik

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Joren Molter (known for In Kropsdam is iedereen gelukkig and Dòst) directs his first feature-length film with Zomervacht. The screenplay for the film, which is based on Jaap Robben’s bestseller, was written by Britt Snel (also involved in Dòst and Khata). Leading roles in Zomervacht are portrayed by Micha Hulshof (from De Oost), newcomer Joël in ’t Veld, and Belgian actor Jarne Heylen (known for Gent West). Valentijn Dhaenens (Girl) and Manou Kersting (Undercover) also join the cast. 


Zomervacht was the closing film for the 43rd edition of the Nederlands Film Festival.