Oscar Nominated Shorts - Animation

dinsdag 11 februari 2020

Deze compilatie van korte animatiefilms die in 2020 meedingen naar de Academy Award voor Best Animated Short Film wordt vertoond tijdens Oscar Night op 11 februari.

Alle films zijn ofwel Engels gesproken, of Engels ondertiteld. Dus zonder Nederlandse ondertiteling.

Koop nu een kaartje

In de nacht van 9 op 10 februari worden in het Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles weer de felbegeerde Academy Awards uitgereikt. Net als vorig jaar staat de eerstvolgende dinsdag in Lumen helemaal in het teken van de Oscars. Naast drie speelfilms die verschillende nominaties hebben, vertonen we die avond de genomineerden in de categorie Best Animated Short Film.


Oscar Nominated Short Films – Animation

Zijn er ook Oscars voor korte films? Jazeker! Hoewel tijdens de met glitter en glamour omhangen uitreikingsceremonie de grote Amerikaanse speelfilms domineren, mogen we zeker de korte films niet vergeten. Ook zij verdienen de aandacht. In de korte film zijn jonge, talentvolle filmmakers actief die durven te experimenteren en vernieuwend te werk gaan. Dit jaar dingen er wederom een aantal korte juweeltjes mee voor de meest prestigieuze filmprijs van het jaar. In dit programma vertonen wij alle genomineerden in de categorie ‘Best Animation Short Film’. Het programma wordt gepresenteerd in samenwerking met ShortsTV en Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen.

Next edition of Go Short: 1 – 5 April 2020 | Nijmegen |  www.goshort.nl |


Hair Love
Matthew A. Cherry / United States / 2019 / 7’
Hair Love is an animated short film about an African American father trying to do his daughters hair
for the first time.

Daria Kashcheeva / Czech Republic / 2019 / 15’
In a hospital room, the Daughter recalls a childhood moment when as a little girl she tried to share
her experience with an injured bird with her Father. A moment of misunderstanding and a lost
embrace has stretched into many years all the way to this hospital room, until the moment when a
window pane breaks under the impact of a little bird.

Bruno Collet / France / 2019 / 12’
Recently, Louis, painter is experiencing strange events. His world seems to be mutating. Slowly,
furnitures, objects, people lose their realism. They are destructuring, sometimes disintegrating…

Siqi Song / China / United States / 2018 / 8’
A man thinks back to his childhood memories of growing up with an annoying little sister in China in
the 1990s. What would his life have been like if things had gone differently?

Rosana Sullivan / United States / 2019 / 9’
An unlikely connection sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit
bull. Together, they experience friendship for the first time.

Henrietta Bulkowski
Rachel Johnson / United States / 2019 / 16’
A determined young woman, crippled with a severe hunchback, will stop at nothing to fulfill
her dream of seeing the world. This is the story of how she finds happiness.

The Bird and the Whale
Carol Freeman / Ireland/ 2018 / 6’
The Bird and the Whale is a story about a young whale struggling to find his voice. After straying too
far from his family to explore a shipwreck, he discovers it's sole survivor, a caged songbird. Together
they struggle to survive lost at sea.

Hors Piste
Léo Brunel, Camille Jalabert, Loris Cavalier, Oscar Malet / France / 2018 / 5’
The two best rescue workers in the region take off for their umpteenth mission. Professionalism and
efficiency all around, but things don't really go as planned…


Total: 83 minutes