Poolse Filmlente: Kos (+ English subtitles)

Te zien op zaterdag 18 mei 18.45 uur

Openingsfilm van de elfde editie van de Poolse Filmlente. Losjes op historische gegevens gebaseerd portret van de militaire leider en nationale held Tadeusz ‘Kos’ Kosciuszko, die in 1794 vanuit Amerika terugkeerde naar Polen om samen met Poolse edelen en boeren een opstand tegen de Russen te beginnen. 

Koop nu een kaartje

Spectaculair opgezet als een soort western, vol brutale actie, spanning en een fikse dosis zwarte humor. 


Over de Poolse Filmlente:

In samenwerking met Stichting Pools Podium vertoont Filmhuis Lumen tijdens de elfde editie van Poolse Filmlente op zaterdag 18 en zondag 19 mei een drietal nieuwe Poolse films. Deze films, die zeer succesvol waren in eigen land of op internationale festivals goed werden ontvangen, worden speciaal voor dit programma naar Nederland gehaald en zijn Engels ondertiteld. Voor meer informatie over dit programma in het Pools, zie www.scenapolska.nl 




Movie begins in the spring of 1794. General Tadeusz ‘Kos’ Kosciuszko (Jacek Braciak) returns to Poland, who plans to start an uprising against the Russians, mobilizing the Polish nobility and peasants to do so. He is accompanied by a faithful friend and former slave, Domingo (Jason Mitchell). a ruthless Russian captain, Dunin (Robert Wieckiewicz), who wants to capture the general at all costs before he causes a national rebellion. At the same time, a young peasant, Ignac (Bartosz Bielenia), a noble bastard, dreams of being given his coat of arms and property by his illegitimate parent, Duchnowski (Andrzej Seweryn), who includes him in his will just before his death. When the father dies, the boy has to run away from his half-brother, Stanislaw (Piotr Pacek), who does not want to let his father’s will be realized. Ignac steals a will and has only two days to appear in court with him and prove his knighthood. During the escape, Ignac meets Domingo on his way, and a strong bond of understanding is formed between the men, even though they both do not know each other’s language. Together, they go to the Colonel’s Wife manor (Agnieszka Grochowska), where Kosciuszko is hiding, waiting for negotiations with the magnates. Kos is distrustful of Ignac and keeps him under arrest, but at the decisive moment it is in the hands of an inconspicuous noble bastard who will lay the fate of the uprising. When the moment of trial comes, Ignac will have to choose – whether to continue following his coat of arms dream and his father’s legacy, or to join Kosciuszko’s “Kos” and fight with him for the highest stakes.

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