Banel & Adama (+ ENGLISH subtitles // Expat Cinema)

Screening Wednesday 20 March

Movie lover but trouble understanding Dutch subtitles? Join Lumen’s EXPAT CINEMA screenings. Every Wednesday we screen the best foreign language movies with English subtitles. Next to specially curated foreign language films we also programme Dutch films or documentaries with English subtitles. THis Wednesday: Banel & Adama. In a remote village in northern Senegal, disaster strikes when Banel’s husband suffers a fatal fall into a well. Tradition has it that his brother, the soon-to-be village chief Adama, takes his place.


Mogelijk schadelijk tot 9 jaar Angst

Koop nu een kaartje

Despite the grief, this is a welcome turn in Banel’s life, as she had always been in love with Adama. Soon the two only have eyes for each other, Adama no longer wants to be village chief, but only to live with his beloved somewhere outside the village; the villagers don’t like it. Then, when also the rains stay away, the love between the two comes under pressure.

Debuting director Ramata-Toulaye Sy tells an enchanting and timeless love story in her first, self-written feature film, recalling the classic Romeo and Juliet. At the same time, she shows what life is like in rural Senegal, the position women play in it and the consequences of climate change.