Blue Giant (+English subtitles // Expat Cinema)

Screening Wednesday 27 March

Fascinated by jazz, Miyamoto Dai, a high school student from Sendai, starts to play tenor saxophone. Rain or shine, he practices the sax on his own every day at the riverbank. After graduation, he moves to Tokyo to pursue jazz. One day, he meets talented young pianist Sawabe Yukinori at a live house, and Dai suggests they form a band together.

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At first, Yukinori doesn’t take the invite seriously, but he agrees after hearing Dai’s saxophone. Along with drummer Tamada Shunji, they form the band JASS.

Directed by Tachikawa Yuzuru, the animated film Blue Giant is based on Ishizuka Shinichi’s manga following the music, passion and journey of a young saxophone musician determined to give his all for jazz. World-famous pianist Uehara Hiromi is in charge of the music for the film.